Our goal is to understand the mechanisms behind various self-organizing patterns in biological systems from the viewpoint of nonlinear dynamics and physics of pattern formation in non-equilibrium systems and correlate them to their biological/medical implications. 

Various up-to-date experimental techniques and tools (eg. FRET, multi-photon excitation, optogenetic stimulation, whole-cell patch and multi-electrode array recording) are developed and used for visualizing spatiotemporal dynamics of biological activities.  Experiments are carried out mainly with dissociated cell cultures, organotypic slice cultures or acute brain slices.   Also being conducted are computer simulations on mathematical model systems.

Current research topics include:

  • Waves of clock gene expressions and [Ca2+] within biological master clock, SCN
  • Optogenetic mapping of the clock cells within the SCN
  • Learning & memory in bursting in vitro cultures of cortical neurons
  • The role of cellular senescence inside 3D tissue.
  • Cooperative phenomena in populations of immune cells
  • Density waves in proliferating tumor tissue
  • Reentrant calcium waves in confluent layer of astrocytes  

This center is support by Korean National Research Foundation (NRF).